Coding and Robotics Camps

Dates: Mon 3 April 2023 - Minecraft Coding "Mining City"
Dates: Tue 4 April 2023 - LEGO Robotics "Robot mania"
Dates: Wed 5 April 2023 - Minecraft Coding "Super Power School"
Dates: Thu 6 April 2023 - LEGO Robotics "Planet Earth"
Times: 10am – 3pm each day
Ages: 6+
Price: £69.50 per day or £264 for all week

We are delighted to have teamed up with Code Kids to bring you some fantastic high end coding and robotics holiday camps for kids aged 6 and up.

Code Kids is a team of engineers, coders and developers with a special interest in hands on learning. Our approach is project based. We don’t teach coding for the sake of coding. Our holiday camp offers Immersive, project-based learning through interactive platforms!

Code Kids offer:

  • 8:1 student: teacher ratio
  • State of the art facilities
  • Highly experienced UK based tutors
  • All tutors have enhanced DBS certificates
  • Lots of fun learning opportunities

No prior coding experience necessary to attend our camps.



Minecraft Coding: (Ages 6+ )

Children are experts and end users of Minecraft. They use this passion and interest to learn to code the games that they play every day. Minecraft makes coding fun yet meaningful.

This course is designed for students who are looking to learn to code the games they play everyday. Minecraft makes coding fun yet meaningful as players learn and understand coding concepts that they bring to life in the game! The participant can use a drag and drop interface which is highly intuitive. Coding concepts like variables, if/then/else statements and constructors will be learnt.

Lego robotics: (Ages 6+ )

In this course children use the LEGO WeDo 2.0 to design robots to solve a real-world ‘big problem’ such as pollution, animal welfare, space exploration. They learn to code their robots in interactive challenges. In addition to the basics of robotics, children learn key engineering principles such as force and motion, gear ratios and aerodynamics.


No prior coding experience necessary. If your child has been to one of these workshops before, then their learning will be extended further and they will not have to repeat the same content as before.

Wraparound care available 8am – 5pm