Tech Camp - Caterham WildCats

Tech Camp

Dates: Monday 8 – Friday 12 August 2022
Dates: Monday 15 – Friday 19 August 2022
Dates: Monday 22 – Friday 26 August 2022
Times: 9am – 4pm
Ages: 5-12 years
Price: £45 per day, or £205 per week

We have teamed up with Next Thing education to bring you some “fun-tastic” tech camps for the summer holidays. We have three weeks of exciting activities to feed the mind of your inquisitive genius following themes featuring brand new content.

Please note these camps will be held at Hill Fields Pavilion a stand alone venue approximately one mile from the main schools campus.  Wraparound care is available from 8am – 5pm.

Week 1 Monday 8 – Friday 12 August 2022

Robotics, Virtual Reality and Tech Fun

Our Robotics week enables students to take their coding skills to the next level! Build and program Robots to do specific tasks such as complete an obstacle course, dance, or answer questions. The possibilities are limitless! They will design games and develop visual coding skills, create 3D printed models, step into the realms of Virtual Reality and learn to mix tracks like a Pro DJ! We encourage children to experiment and challenge themselves, instilling a variety of exciting, real-world skills.

Monday 8th August – Video Game Design, Virtual Reality, Robot Programming and Scratch Coding.
Tuesday 9th August – Humanoid Robots, Inventions, Virtual Reality Extended, Crumble Circuitry.
Wednesday 10th August – Conductivity Coding, LEGO Programming, Engineering Experiments.
Thursday 11th August – Robot Coding , Programmable Game Consoles, DJing and Mixing.
Friday 12th August – Laser Tag, Circuitry, Augmented Reality.

Week 2 Monday 15 – Friday 19 August 2022

Minecraft, LEGO, and Engineering

Designed for maximum fun and education! This course is action packed and enhances students’ curiosity in computing and science, challenging them with hands-on engineering challenges. Students can dive into Minecraft Education and design different game elements, build Redstone circuits, and learn coding fundamentals. Each Minecraft session will be different so even if they haven’t attended the day before, they will be able to participate in the lesson. Students will also use LEGO bricks combined with sensors and motors to create cool mechanisms and power them with code. Plus, more awesome engineering challenges for them to explore.

Monday 15th August – Minecraft Coding, LEGO Robotics , 3D Modelling.
Tuesday 16th August – Minecraft Coding,  LEGO Robotics , Superhero Inventions.
Wednesday 17th August – Minecraft Coding , LEGO Space Rovers.
Thursday 18th August – Minecraft Coding, LEGO Minecraft, Racing Car Lab.
Friday 19th August – Minecraft Coding, Customisable Inventions, Tech Workshop.

Week 3 Monday 22 – Friday 26 August 2022

Photography and Videography

If your child is passionate about media, then our photography and videography week has something really exciting to offer, students will learn the basics of photography and video production fundamentals. Over the week the course offers a complete masterclass in creating professional videos and photos – from adjusting the contrast, saturation, filters, subtitles, transitions, and key effects. They will even make their own film props at the end of the day with specific crafting projects to make their film come to life!

Monday 22nd August – Videography lesson 1 , Movie editing , Prop Making.
Tuesday 23rd August – Videography lesson 2 , Extended movie editing, Arts and Crafts.
Wednesday 24th August – Photography Lesson 1, Photograph Editing, Arts and Crafts.
Thursday 25th August – Photography Lesson 2 , Extended Photograph Editing, Arts and Crafts.
Friday 26th August – Portfolio Creation, Movie Premieres.