Tech Camp - Caterham WildCats

Tech Camp

Date: Monday 9 - Friday 13 August 2021
Time: 900am - 4.00pm
Age: 5-11years of age
Price: 2-day £89 | 3-days £132 | 4-days £164 | FULL WEEK £194

Date: Monday 16 - Friday 20 August 2021
Time: 900am - 4.00pm
Age: 5-11years of age
Price: 2-day £89 | 3-days £132 | 4-days £164 | FULL WEEK £194

Date: Monday 23 - Friday 27 August 2021
Time: 900am - 4.00pm
Age: 5-11years of age
Price: 2-day £89 | 3-days £132 | 4-days £164 | FULL WEEK £194

We have teamed up with Next Thing education to being you some fun-tastic tech camps for the summer holidays. We have weeks of exciting activities to feed the mind of your inquisitive genius following themes featuring brand new content. See what activities are scheduled for each day:


Little Bits Rover
A new robot kit lets kids build their own rovers to learn more about technology and the spacecraft used to explore other cosmic bodies, like the moon and Mars. The littleBits Space Rover Inventor Kit includes the electronic coding building blocks for kids to construct their own rovers and control them using a smartphone app coded by them.

Ozobot is a little toy robot that blends the physical and digital worlds — and teaches kids programming. Ozobot can identify lines, colours, and codes on both digital surfaces, such as an iPad, and physical surfaces, such as paper.

We use Minecraft Education to introduce the idea of computer programming to our students and increase their critical thinking skills. Using Redstone dust, daylight sensors and switches students need to create a lighting system for a village.



Wearable Tech
The BBC Micro:Bit is a small, wearable piece of tech that can be programmed to do a number of nifty things. Students can make their own lie detector, games console or digital watch. This pocket-sized computer introduces children into the worlds of software and hardware engineering with LED light display, buttons, sensors and many input/outputs feature you can program and physically interact with.

Circuit Cubes
Circuit Cubes are electronic building blocks that provide hours of fun & creativity. Build & power endless projects with Circuit Cubes, a pile of bricks & your imagination. The next budding scientists, engineers and inventors will love exploring how they can put their art into motion and let their imagination run wild.

Toontastic 3D is a creative storytelling app that empowers kids to draw, animate, narrate, and record their own cartoons on the iPad. This digital storytelling tool teaches kids how to organise and present story ideas through cartoons by animating items by moving them around the screen whilst speaking a narrative into the iPad.



Hopscotch – Geo-dash
Students get to practice with visual programming developed by Hopscotch Technologies. The budding young engineers designed beginner programmers to develop simple projects. Its simple UI allows its users to drag and drop blocks to create scripts that can be played when activated.

Balloon Creations
Students get to unleash their imagination and build their own personalised vehicles from scratch, which they then have to race using wind renewable energy from balloons!

Lego Animation
Students get the opportunity to kickstart their creativity with LEGO animation sessions. Starting with learning the basics of stop motion animation to real animator-approved ideas and more advanced skills such as lighting, scenery, sound effects and different camera angles.


Osmo learning games makes it fun for children to learn, using toys as teaching tools. Children bought game pieces & actions to life. Osmo merges tactile exploration with innovative technology, actively engaging children in the learning process.

Lego Gearbots
Students get to build their own kinetic sculptures in this fun activity. The Lego elements allowed students to build frames with axles and crankshafts that provide different functions like spinning or turning back and forth. Students could even add paper-craft characters to the build and watch their new friend come to life! The non-fiction STEM content links the builds to real-life robotics and mechanical engineer applications.

Students get creative with mess-free crafting on the iPad digital interface. Procreate has everything you need to create expressive sketches, rich paintings, gorgeous illustrations and beautiful animations.



Students get to jam out and make their own music using Medly. Medly is a music production app that lets users sing and compose their own music using 16 built-in instrument sounds, 100 built-in loops, and a wealth of samples and sound effect features.

Earthquake Simulator
Students will construct a structure out of drinking straws to see if it can withstand an earthquake. Students will learn about the concepts of force and engineering design to accurately create the structure!

Podcasting is a really interactive and fun session. Students get to explore writing scripts and improve their speaking and listening skills. Moreover, they will understand how to record, playback and edit their content!

If there are children booked on for more than 1 week, we will try our best to minimise the repetition of activities with substitute activities.