About Wildcats

Our WildCats activity camps are designed to ensure that your child/children enjoy the safest, most exciting and stimulating time possible during school holidays. We strive to ensure that each child receives the care and attention that they deserve, whether they are a regular attendee or simply attending on a day-to-day basis.

We offer a wide range of activity camps from a variety of sports to woodland adventures, arts, crafts and music. Children can make new friends and enjoy friendly competition within the safety of our School grounds whilst working towards the aim ‘fun for all’. Our broad range of activities available, gives every child the opportunity to develop cognitively, physically, socially and artistically. The structured format of the camps creates an environment where children are encouraged to make new friends, try new activities and develop and enhance their skill set.

There is something for everyone – come and join us!

WildCats camps are held at either Caterham School or Hill Fields Pavilion.

Caterham School

Harestone Valley Road, Caterham CR3 6YA

Hill Fields Pavilion

Caterham School, Park Lane, Caterham CR3 6AH

For more information please email patrick.tinmouth@caterhamschool.co.uk