WildCats Adventure Camps

Date: Thursday 25 July 2024
Date: Friday 26 July 2024
Date: Wednesday 21 August 2024
Date: Thursday 22 August 2024
Date: Tuesday 27 August 2024
Date: Friday 28 August 2024
Time: 9.30am – 3.30pm (Wraparound care available from 8am - 6pm)
Age: 8 - 14
Price: £55.00 per day

Our Wildcats Adventure days is our ultimate camp with four thrilling experiences over the course of the day. This an outdoor adventure day located in the beautiful woodland area between the senior and prep schools. These sessions are supervised and led by our highly trained and motivated instructors, who will ensure your child’s safety whilst sharing their passion for adventure.

Tree Top Adventure
An experience that will be remembered for a lifetime! Complete with wobbly crossings, a ‘Leap of Faith’ and culminating in a James Bond style zip wire finale, our tree top adventure is not to be missed! Guided by our experienced team of staff, you’ll hop around the tree tops and won’t want to come down!!

Climbing Wall
Don’t be left hanging while you tackle and gain confidence on our outdoor climbing wall. Our fully trained staff will guide your child according to their ability. For the more experienced there will be races to the top and back, with or without a blind fold.

Crate Stacking 

The aim is to build a tower of crates as high as you can before it topples and comes crashing down! The challenge is that at least one team member must be stood on the top of the tower (in full harnesses of course!). The whole team is involved in building the tower and need to work together to support, lift and stack more crates for whoever is on the top to step onto. This is a fun and physical activity that will test your team building skills to the limit!

Jacobs Ladder

This is a giant swinging ladder of 6-inch beams. Three people attempt to climb as high up the ladder as possible. It is important to work as a team in order to make progress. This task is one of our most physical and involves an amount of strength, flexibility and agility. As the team climbs higher the challenge increases as the space between the rungs gets larger. The rest of the team are involved in holding the ropes and offering encouragement and help. The climbers can be lowered to the ground at any time. Not everyone gets to the top but everyone enjoys trying! Always a good giggle.